Just after Rex and Sherese married in 84’, Rex was selling a tract of land to long time Texas Longhorn breeder, J.B. Hunn.  In J.B.’s usual horse-trading manner, he tried to convince Rex to take half of his real estate fee in Longhorn heifers.  At the time money was tight and seemingly much more important than owning a few heifers, so Rex negotiated hard to retain the cash fee.  In the end, J.B. won out and Rex had to break the news to Sherese that they would need to go pick out three longhorn heifers but could then take them to the sale barn the following week and get the cash.   Soon thereafter, Rex and Sherese went to J.B.’s Choice Acres Ranch and picked out three young beautiful heifers and brought them home.  They fell in love with the Longhorns and needless-to-say they never made it to the sale barn and they still grace the walls of GF Ranch to this day.


Having been bitten by the Longhorn bug early on, they then attended the Southfork Longhorn Spectacular extravaganza sale where they purchased two cows, one of which being a straight Wright bred cow by the name of Inez of El Campo who went on to produce the great herd sire G-Man through an AI to the handsome Colorado Cowboy.   It didn’t take long to ascertain that G-Man’s horn growth was phenomenal for the time and he soon became the World’s Longest Horned Bull.   Not only did he have the horns, he had the total package and they began their ad campaign “Put the long horns back on your Longhorns” as many breeders were shifting away from breeding for horn growth and focusing primarily on breeding for size.


We all know that what makes a good Longhorn Bull a great one is when he outproduces himself and that’s exactly what G-Man did when he sired the great Heavy Hitter bull who then surpassed G-Man to become the new horn record holder. 


From those passionate early first years, Glendenning Farms has continued to breed for overall excellence and conformation having along the way produced some of the finest Texas Longhorns in the breed.  During the early 1990’s, after the savings and loan crash of the late 80’s, the legendary cow Possum Eyes, which had previously sold for a then record $28,000, was acquired by GF to help establish a front pasture brood cow operation to complement the legendary G-Man genetics.  These Possum Eyes genetics can still be seen today throughout the Glendenning Farms herd and have helped personify the unique qualities of color, conformation, horns, disposition and overall breed excellence. 


Over the next decade Rex and Sherese traveled to many of the top production sales and selectively added cows that fit their most important criteria being the “Total Package”.  After many years of enjoyable and rewarding work acquiring front pasture cows and traveling to ranches such as the Safari B Ranch, Red McCombs Ranch, Darol Dickinson’s Ranch, along with countless other top longhorn breeders, they began to allow the GF herd to go to work for them which has produced incredible offspring that are the culmination of their herd today. 


The next decade of life was fast and furious for the Glendenning’s while raising three beautiful children and growing their real estate company, REX Real Estate, which among many other accomplishments was instrumental in relocating the Dallas Cowboys World Headquarters to The Star in Frisco, Texas.   While maintaining extremely busy schedules, they always found time to enjoy their Longhorn cattle.  Once becoming empty nesters, they were anxious to acquire their next great herd sire and after searching the industry chose to select what they believed to be the Greatest Herd Sire in the industry, that being none other than the iconic Drag Iron.  Drag Iron is doing a phenomenal job at Glendenning Farms as he not only adds the structure of his over one-ton frame, but also adds the beautiful butterscotch brindle coloring as well as his long massive swooping horns. 


The pleasure of having known people such as the legendary Colonel Eddie Woods along with his wonderful wife, Joyce; as well as the privilege to have become friends with Red McCombs and his loving wife, Charlene, have made the three and half decade adventure for the Glendenning’s even that much more rewarding. 


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